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Suomalais-Eestiläinen Kauppayhdistys SEKY, the Finnish-Estonian Trade Association, was created in 1990. The association has a permanent representation in Helsinki, its territory, however, covers both Estonia and Finland.

The objective of the Trade Association is to contribute to the development of Estonian-Finnish enterprise and business life and the intermediation of economic as well as cultural contacts. So as to achieve these objectives, various assemblies, seminars, meetings and trainings are organized for members of the Association, relevant information is distributed, leisure activities are carried out and publications promoting both business and mutual relations are published. The Association neither takes part in political activities nor pursues profit. SEKY also cooperates with other trade associations operating in Finland, Estonia, and the other Baltic states. Finnish and Estonian private individuals, undertakings and other institutions and associations with passive legal capacity that are interested in business between Finland and Estonia can become members of the Association. The Association currently has approximately 150 members.

Baltasar Consulting OÜ is a SEKY member since 2004.