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Baltasar Consulting OÜ was established in 2003. The founders are two citizens of Finland who had a tight business contact with Estonia on every day basis. Alongside with their other business activities they felt as if something was missing. During some relatively short time they gained experience in such problematic issues as communication with outsourced accountants and they experienced how rigid outsourced accounting service can be. So this is why they decided to establish their own accounting bureau and centralize all of their financial issues there. Very soon their friends and business partners accounting moved under the same roof as all of them had the same wish to have a reliable supportive partner in a country, the legislation of which they did not feel confident about. This is how an immediate need for providing consultation and counselling services was born.

The years of experience has proven that the business idea of Baltasar Consulting has been successful and sustainable. Slowly but surely we and our clients have been growing, and almost all enterprises using our services recommend us to their business partners.

For us it is of high importance that our client always feels welcome, whether on needs some consultation, make a deal or just to have some coffee break and relax. We do not want to communicate formally either invoice our clients for every little thing. What we wish for our clients is to be friends and consultants, to whom they can always apply in case of need.

Our strength is our flexibility, friendly service and openness to new propositions. We speak to our clients in Estonian, Finnish and English.

If you find that somehow we can be useful for You, please contact us!